Inaugural Quail Creek AFSP Team Andrew Out of the Darkness Fundraiser Walk

A Special Day Celebrating Our Moms!

April Photo Contest Winners

TWOQC’s Scholarship Award Night

Questers Catalina Timewalkers Present Kingdom of Crystal: SaddleBrooke’s Very Own ‘Glasriket’

Let’s Travel Club

Carpooled to Tucson Botanical Gardens Linn Myrick Members of the Let’s Travel Club carpooled on May 3 to Tucson to participate in a day trip. Starting out at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, we learned about efforts in place to combat plastic pollution in our oceans. The nonprofit organization Washed Ashore has partnered with the Gardens…

Quail Creek Disc Golf Club

Lenny Friedman The Quail Creek Disc Golf Club (QCDGC) held an organizational meeting in the Kino Center on Feb. 29, which was attended by 70 Quail Creek residents. As a result of the meeting, a QCDGC GroupWorks site was created and a temporary board of directors was established with President Lenny Friedman (started the Quail…

Quail Creek Duffers’ Trip to Casa Grande

Thirty-four hard and hearty souls ventured out to Mission Royale Golf Course in Casa Grande on a Wednesday morning and then went to the Francisco Grande Hotel and Resort, had dinner, spent the night, and then played 18 holes of golf the next morning. Everyone had an awesome time.

Lady Putters Keep on Scoring

Peggy McGee The Putters’ checking account shrunk a little when, in the last month, eight ladies scored a hole-in-one on the money hole, the hole believed to be the most difficult by those who set up the course on a particular date. Achieving this challenge were Barb Miller, Donna Debeck, Kathleen Larsen, Linda Carver, Teresa…