TWOQC Awards Scholarships: Challenged but Undaunted by COVID-19

Quarterly Challenge “Dominate Color”

Jim Burkstrand The Photo Club of Quail Creek just completed its fifth quarterly photo challenge, which had a theme of “Dominate Color.” Each club member could enter up to three photos, which had to be taken within the calendar quarter, and the photographer/artist could post process the photo in any way—including using Photoshop filters and manipulation.…

Dianne Scores An Ace

Dianne Turner

Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association’s Dianne Turner scored her first hole-in-one on March 6. Dianne, using a hybrid, watched her ball go into the hole on Road Runner 6. Congratulations!

QCMGA Crowns New Club Champion and Runner-up

George Lamping (left) with Larry Mours

George Lamping won both the 2020 Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association (QCMGA) Club Championship and Senior Championship. The runner-up was Larry Mours. David Friel won the QCMGA President’s Cup on Feb. 4, shooting net 73, 71, and 68 over the three-day event. Congratulations!

Technology Made MOAA Scholarship Awards Possible

Cadet Olea

Peggy McGee On the agenda for the April 1 Green Valley Chapter Military Officers Association board meeting was to screen the applicants and select the 2020 scholarship winners. With COVID-19, that meeting got cancelled. Thanks to the military’s emphasis on never being late, the cadets had completed their applications and obtained their letters of recommendation…

Military Pride Masks

MOAA members Myra and Jeff McCune, both U.S. Navy retirees, model the masks in the two different patterns available for the Navy. (Photo by Bruce Hilt)

Peggy McGee Even before the CDC started recommending that everyone wear masks to help protect them from the Coronavirus, Jadine Hilt, Secretary of the Green Valley Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Chapter and seamstress extraordinaire, thought about making masks for the military. She gathered material containing the insignia for all five military services and set…

Putters Gift Cards

Peggy McGee Lady Putters who have been given a gift card when attending one of the luncheons should check the expiration dates on their cards. If the card will expire before the Pro Shop reopens for usual business, the expiring card can be turned in for a new card. At this time, only cards with…