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Quail Creek Republican Club Actively Engages Its Members

Jim Lynch is 2021 QCMGA President’s Cup Winner

David Domke, Common Power Co-Founder, Is The Speaker for DCQC’s June 19 Meeting

Another Mission Accomplished

Karen Baker On May 15, Armed Forces Day, the Military Baby Shower Group successfully completed their mission of supplying 30 families (31 babies) with everything they would need to welcome their newest patriots into the world. COVID and social distancing made this annual baby shower event a little more difficult, but it was nothing the…

Quail Creek RV Club

Mary Jensen Being flexible and overcoming challenges are traits the most RVers have learned. The Quail Creek RV Club got to exercise those on our last trip to the Verde Valley RV Resort in Camp Verde. When we arrived, we learned that the eight sites we had booked by the pond were also right next to…

Hole-in-One: Congrats to Rick Wagner

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to QCMGA member, Rick Wagner, for scoring his first hole-in-one ever on April 24. This momentous occasion was achieved on Roadrunner number 6 using a 7-iron to a blue flag. Witnesses were Leo Padilla, Skip Byron, and JB King.

Grilling Time

Marilu Trainor It’s grilling time! Seven out of 10 adults own a grill, smoker, or BBQ. Enjoy those tasty meals safely and avoid a disaster by adhering to a few safety tips from the Goodyear Fire Department. The Stats * Between 2014 and 2018, grills, hibachis, smokers, and barbeques accounted for 10,600 home fires annually,…

Davey Jones Scores Hole-in-One

Paul Schupmann QCMGA member, Davey Jones, scored his first hole-in-one at Quail Creek on April 21 and the fourth hole-in-one in his lifetime. He was playing Coyote number 4 and used a 5-hybrid for a red flag, 130 yards away. He was playing with Rick Kimes, George Bertsch, and Wayne Jewett. Congratulations, Davey!

David Domke, Common Power Co-Founder, Is The Speaker for DCQC’s June 19 Meeting

Marybeth Bates According to David Domke, “The Democratic Party’s future runs through Arizona and is very much part of the new southern strategy.” Here is an overview of his talk: “The Biden and Harris campaign pulled off a significant victory nationwide, the second-biggest Democratic presidential win since 1988, and the Democrats gained the majority in the…