Landscape Creativity

Bonnie Nowicki

Do you sometimes wish you could be more creative and go beyond the usual Southwest look in your landscape? Even though we may feel constrained by our particular climate plant choices, we can and should show a little personal individuality. Take a chance. Invigorate your landscape design style.

If your tastes are more traditional, add a unique metal bench or a stone vase holding an aloe or agave. Create a clump of hardy perennials, such as Candelilla (Euphorbia antisyphilitica), for a dramatic affect or add a lovely Mediterranean fan palm tree to your yard. If you want to try a more formal look, add stately urns to flank your home’s entrance. Again, you could grow aloes or agaves, or if those urns are on a drip water system, you could try Japanese boxwood.

If your garden personality leans toward an Italian flare, line your gravel pathway with hedges such as Gold Spot Euonymus. For a loose, romantic cottage garden look, grow a variety of native perennials, such as the daisy-like Chocolate Flower (Beriandiera lyrata). Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be daring and a bit eccentric. You don’t necessarily want your garden look planned. A few surprises would be exciting. It’s okay to be outlandish. Create your own exotic structure. This yard art will bring some fantasy and whimsy to your landscape. Charming stone and metal animals can be guards at your entrance gate. Bright colors would liven up our muted desert yards. Another option would be to introduce an odd-shaped or crested cactus, such as Euphorbia kibwezensis, in an unusual handmade container.

There are so many possibilities to spruce up your yard and add a wow factor. With cooler weather on its way, take time to visualize the delightful changes that could make your landscape truly unique and exciting. Express your garden personality and creativity. Have fun!