‘Tropical Nights’ Dance Party a ‘Rage’ing Success!

Fun times in the photo booth

Pamela Rodgers

The Quail Creek Events Department and Activities Council recently hosted the latest in the summer dance party series with “Rage”ing success. Planning for the event took team effort and enthusiastic support from the residents of Quail Creek. With more than 190 residents in attendance, smiles abounded the entire evening.

A tropical theme seemed very appropriate for the weather outside. Monsoon rains and high humidity helped to set the stage for the event. Everyone was dressed in Hawaiian/Caribbean attire ready to party, and the Crystal Ballroom was decorated with palm leaves/trees, pineapples, pink flamingos, beach balls, grass skirts, and neon flowers. Dinner was served and, staying with the theme, partygoers had coconut chicken skewers and tropical salad with macadamia nut cookies for dessert.

A photo booth was set up for everyone to enjoy, complete with lounge chairs, beach balls, kickboards, leis, beach towels, swim rings, and disguises.

Patty and the Jukebox Junqies provided live music, which completed the illusion, with dancing and high energy for all to enjoy. Playing rock, country, and slow ballads, attendees got to fast dance to rock, line dance to country, and hold their sweeties during the slow ballads.