5K Kettlebell Swings for the American Cancer Society

Participating in the Kettlebell Swing Challenge were (left to right) Steve DeRock, Jim Cavagnaro, Mike Downes, Debbie Downes, Marilyn Heger, Dr. Laura McMurtry (instructor), Joe Butler, Mimi Hester, Kurt Kohler, Julie Sherwood, Jill Earl, Janet Byron, and Peggy McGee. (Photo by Peggy McGee)

Peggy McGee

Members of the HIIT Fit class took up the challenge to do 50 kettlebell swings a day during the month of July as they participated in the American Cancer Society (ACS) Kettlebell Challenge. While some did the swings only on class days, others did the swings several days a week. The top “swinger” was Marilyn Heger who did not miss a day. She totaled 1,500 swings during the month. July 31 was not counted in the challenge.

Besides building their individual upper body strength, the group’s efforts raised $400 for the ACS.

At the end of the challenge, instructor Laura McMurtry, PharmD, CDE, held a drawing for all the participants. The winner was Marilyn Heger who won a punch card good for 10 free classes at Anza.