2022 Concert Series Ticket Renewals

Nancy Planck, Member Services

Member Services is currently in the process of contacting our residents for renewals for the 2022 Monday and Friday series tickets.

Once we have processed the renewals, we will be taking requests for new series ticket holders, which should be sometime in the beginning of December.

After we have completed the new series ticket holder requests, we will put the individual shows on sale, which will take place the end of December timeframe.

All of the updated notifications will be provided to you in the What’s Happening at Quail Creek announcements.

We have listed all of the 2022 shows in this edition of the Quail Creek Crossing. Go to the video links and hear the promos.

Our concerts are Tribute Concerts. The production companies that will be providing the concerts are TAD Management of Phoenix, Ariz., and Khris Dodge Entertainment of Tucson, Ariz. Both production companies have amazing talent.