Why Diffuse Essential Oils Instead of Fragrance Candles?

JoAnne Gaudioso

If you are searching for a real aromatherapy treatment and a healthy lifestyle, diffusing essential oils should be your choice. We cannot ignore the many benefits provided by dispersing essential oils.

Safety: Candles are just not a practical choice for diffusing. Open flames are just too dangerous, especially when you are trying to get the benefits of aromatherapy while sleeping. For homes occupied by children and pets, using scented candles can be dangerous.

Most diffusers do not require any form of internal heat to disperse the aroma oil throughout the room. There are no flames, no hot waxes, and no direct risks.

Natural ingredients vs. chemical compounds: Many candles produce synthetic aromas and do not have the benefits provided by natural products. Studies have shown that exposure to candle smoke may be harmful to your health. Most candles are made from paraffin, which is a byproduct of petroleum such as plastic, rubber, and asphalt, and many household chemicals. The fumes produced by paraffin are similar to diesel fumes, because they contain benzene and toluene, which are well-known carcinogens. Exposure to these fumes may result in a variety of health problems.

Diffusion is an excellent alternative to scented candles. Diffusion oil does not generate smoke, so it won’t hurt your lungs.

Fall Diffuser Blends

Fall Wreath: 18 drops Eucalyptus, 12 drops Rosemary, 12 drops Balsam Fir

Apple Pie: 12 drops Clove, 12 drops Cinnamon, 12 drops Ginger, 6 drops Nutmeg

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