Word of the Month: Quincunx

Saturn V rockets in quincunx formation. I took the picture last September while touring the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas. Note the quincunx pattern at the bottom of the rocket.

QCLGA Throw Out Your Worst Three Holes, Dec. 23

Debbie Scott

Flight 1: 1st Alice Dyke; 2nd (tie) Bobbi Jo Rathvon, Karen Stensrud, Sung Whitehead, Sherry Morris

Flight 2: 1st Dena Knox; 2nd (tie) Brenda Allred, Roz Harrison

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Chris Laxague, Kathy Thompson; 3rd Bonnie Morgan

Flight 4: 1st Lindsay Dickinson; 2nd (tie) Patty Zatkin, Lucille Carroll

Flight 5: 1st Phyllis O’Brien; 2nd Linda Kelly