Wellness Presentation – Avoid or Delay Knee Replacement Surgery

The Wellness Presentation on Monday, Sept. 30, will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom. The subject is “Avoid or Delay Knee Replacement Surgery,” presented by Michelle Stiles, PT, M.S., M.A., FDN-P, PN2.

You may be able to avoid knee replacement surgery altogether—find out how.

Michelle Stiles is the author of Fast Track Your Recovery From a Total Knee Replacement:  How to Eliminate Pain and Pain Medication the Quickest Way Possible and Color and Laugh Your Way Through Knee Replacement Recovery. She will cover the following topics:

– Why “bone on bone” might not be the endgame it is made out to be.

– From marketing hype to reality: the risks of early knee replacement surgery.

– How new research on the causes of osteoarthritis is challenging the old “wear and tear” model.

Breakthrough research on osteoarthritis reveals that low-grade inflammation plays a major role in what was previously thought of as “wear and tear” arthritis. Find out more about alternative ways to alleviate pain and forestall surgery or even avoid it altogether.

As always, all Quail Creek Wellness Presentations are free and everyone is welcome.

A Q & A session will follow.