UA campus and behind the scenes theater tour

Joyce Ann Clark

On December 7 the Quail Creek TRIPS group experienced a wonderful day on the University of Arizona Campus. Approximately 20 participants enjoyed an outdoor walking tour of the main campus. The extremely knowledgeable docent pointed out all of the resources and attractions available to the non-student public.

A few silent moments were spent at the awesome Arizona Memorial in the central mall, which is now surrounded by alphabetically sequenced medallions naming our lost veterans. Next came the lunch buffet in the Arizona Room Restaurant on campus which all agreed was superb. The afternoon tour, Behind-The-Scenes in the Marroney and Tornabene Theaters, offered insights into how the theater program creates its shows. We were amazed at the “from scratch” costume design department and the intricate system of bins containing thousands of wardrobe pieces (collars, shoes, leotards, ties, etc.) inventoried for future productions. The group definitely came away with a new appreciation of this top 10 university national theater program and encourage our Quail Creek community to look into the upcoming repertory season offerings.