TWOQC take a short trip to the Emerald Isle

JoAnn Haberer

The Women of Quail Creek enjoyed being “A Wee Bit Irish” for their luncheon on June 25. It was a chance to meet up with old friends and new, while dreaming of the lush, green Irish countryside and being entertained by a rousing dance performance by Tucson’s own Celtic Steps. Celtic Steps is a nationally and internationally-acclaimed troupe of Irish folk dancers whose colorful costumes and energetic dance program left all feeling like they’d just stepped off a Dublin or Belfast sidewalk and into a neighborhood pub.

Even the lunch fare was cool and perfect for a hot summer day: beefsteak tomatoes stuffed with creamy chicken salad and tempting cupcakes with Irish green icing.

One member summed up the luncheon, “We had a great time. Those Irish dancers reminded me of what the term, ‘high energy’ really means. This was such a nice break from June in Green Valley. For a couple of hours, it felt like I was on a cruise ship, bound for County Cork.”