TWOQC On the Go Group Celebrated Earth Day at Madera Canyon

Carol Michels

The hike to beautiful Madera Canyon was on April 22, and appropriately enough, it just happened to be Earth Day!

Thirteen women of TWOQC (The Women of Quail Creek) On The Go group ventured up to Madera Canyon for a scenic hike on a lovely day. It was a wonderful time of the year for such an outing, because we actually saw water flowing down the canyon.

Doug Moore, Director of Education for Friends of Madera Canyon, was an absolute font of knowledge. He gave us an amazingly in-depth tour of local birds, including their various calls, as well as the plants, flowers, and changing ecosystems found along the trail. The group just couldn’t get enough of all that he had to share with us!

Returning from the walk, we enjoyed a picnic lunch under the shade of the Whitehouse Picnic Area shelter. It was a perfect day to be out enjoying Madera Canyon, which just happens to be right in our own backyard.

And we absolutely could not have done it without the help of Karen Conroy and Darcy Siegfried, so thank you both!