Quilt Rock Painting

Inna Shames and Janet Rumford

On April 2 a group of women from The Women of Quail Creek came together to engage in the artistic activity of painting rocks at Janet’s cozy casita.

This month’s rock painting theme was quilting. There was a plethora of patchwork designs with stitch marks so skillfully rendered that one was almost tempted to snuggle up with a few of them by the fireplace (assuming one actually could find a fireplace here in warm and sunny Arizona).

And, yes, although the theme was, in fact, quilting, a few of the inevitable ladybugs and spring flowers managed, as always, to crop up in the mix.

Attendees were Carol Cutshall, Anna Uhric, Ann Greenwood, Mercedes Mangarpan, Patricia Fina Weaver, Diane Aitken, Becky Payne, Becky Ashin, Janice Messer, Lisa Ganser, Elaine Walker, Kay Allen, and Janice Jahne.

All the rock quilting artists took their masterpieces home with them, and all are eagerly looking forward to the next rock painting class in Janet’s casita!