TWOQC members enjoy “Lighting up the Holidays”

Sue Ann Obremski is dwarfed by the flood of holiday gifts for Youth on Their Own.

TWOQC Publicity Team

What an awesome way to wrap-up TWOQC’s year of giving; our holiday luncheon was filled with good fun, laughter and joy. All in all, the event was a wonderful launch to this year’s season of love and sharing. Even Santa proclaimed, “This is awesome!”

Dressed in festive holiday duds, our members and guests filled twenty-nine tables with laughter, love, and holiday cheer while, lo and behold, Christmas tunes of yesteryear tickled our memories of good times.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa welcomed us as Eileen Sykora captured the moments on film.

Holiday gifts for Youth On Their Own heaped higher and higher. A great and bountiful lunch was consumed.

Exuberant, mostly in-tune members sang-along with holiday pop-up singers.

We joined with friends old and new, marveling over the good works our members have given their energy to produce. Ruth McDermott summed it up with pride, “Our excellent leadership and committed members create opportunities for us to contribute our talents and time to worthy causes. Best of all, I know everything goes where it’s supposed to go!”

And that mountain of gifts? We applauded with joy as Nicola Hartman, YOTO’s CEO, along with a young YOTO representative, Hope, accepted the much-needed blankets, gift cards and wrapped presents. Hope, who is now graduated from high school, touched our hearts (and inspired us to do even more in the New Year) when she emotionally told us about receiving a gift last year. “The blanket I received last year from YOTO/TWOQC meant everything to me! I was overwhelmed by the gift. Thank you for all you do for us!”

Reflecting the joy in the room, Sue Ann Obremski’s exuberant exclamation says it all, “Doesn’t it make you feel good to make kids happy?”

Our grateful thanks to all TWOQC members who worked to make “Lighting Up the Holidays” such a fun success.