The Holes-in-One Keep Coming

Peggy McGee

Just before COVID struck, the Lady Putters had initiated a new program, awarding special pins to any member who scored five holes-in-one in a single outing. The pin, perfect for wearing on one’s cap or shirt, is only awarded once in any 12-month period. Thus, if a member gets numerous five holes-in-one, she only gets one pin. During the recent putting mornings, several ladies have gotten at least five holes-in-one; some more than once.

Scoring five were Judy McKinley, Lee Schmidt, and Yoshie Hennessy. Getting six holes-in-one were Yoshie Hennessy and Randi Kauppi. Patti Baker scored seven and Sharon Schoen, seven. Amazingly the heat, humidity, and bugs did not affect these ladies’ abilities to putt.