Sheriff Dannels Discusses Border Issues With The Republican Club

Steve Ware

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels spoke to a full house at Quail Creek’s Kino Center about the continuing issues at our U.S.-Mexico border. He indicated the border issues—drugs and resulting drug overdoses, criminal elements comprising both individuals and drug/human trafficking cartels, COVID transfer, illegal alien costs (increased expenses/lost tax revenue greatly exceeding established immigration laws and budgets)—not only affects border states, but all of the United States.

Sheriff Dannels indicated there are currently 1,000 cameras which stretch along the length of the Cochise County border. The camera room is manned by 32 Arizona national guardsmen provided by Governor Ducey. To date this year, 94 drug smugglers have been apprehended with use of the cameras, and Cochise County has experienced a 100 percent conviction rate. Sheriff Dannels stated that seven illegals per hour enter Cochise County. Last year, 300 to 400 illegals crossed into Cochise County monthly. This year, it is 3,000 to 4,000 per month. He estimated that there are 300,000 getaways in Cochise County annually. Drug confiscations are up 400 percent and vehicular pursuits are up 300 percent. “Coyotes” continue to smuggle people across the border, charging from $7,000 to $21,000 per person. In conclusion, Sheriff Dannels stated that the crisis on the border is out of control.

For all, it was a sobering summary on the situation in one segment of the southern border.

The Quail Creek Republican Club is continuing to bring in informed state officials who can discuss topics of interest to Creekers. On Sept. 17, Arizona State Attorney General Mark Brnovich will be the featured speaker. All interested parties are welcome.