Republican Club September Meeting: What’s on the Ballot?

Pat Colburn, 1st vice president, opened the Sept. 16 meeting to members and guests and noted that we are only 53 days away from the 2022 mid-term elections.

Christi Emery, Precinct Committeeman #84, urged the group to participate in local grassroots efforts leading up to the election. Display signs based on important issues to you: Border—Lake sign, Education—Horne sign, Voter Integrity—Finchem sign, Utilities—Meyers/Thompson sign, Economy/Spending—Blake sign or Ciscomani sign, enforcing laws—Hamadeh sign, and AZ Fiscal Security—Yee sign. For volunteer opportunities, contact Christi at [email protected].

April Smith, field director for Arizona Free Enterprise Club, was the guest speaker. April is also a precinct committeeman in Legislative District 15 in East Mesa. She has been actively involved in politics and believes there is power with grassroots efforts and that, collectively, we can have a bigger impact!

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club has a simple approach: “Take a principled, aggressive stand in support of our issues and policies. Established in 2005, unlike other organizations in Arizona, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club is not afraid to stand up to powerful politicians and special interest groups that want to maintain the status quo.”

April discussed the ballot propositions on the 2022 AZ General Election Ballot. The Arizona Free Enterprise Club recommends support of Proposition 128, which will allow the legislature to amend ballot measures that the Arizona or U.S. Supreme Court has determined contains unconstitutional or illegal language; Proposition 129 requires ballot initiatives to pertain to a single subject; Proposition 132 requires any new tax or tax increase on the ballot to receive at least 60% of the vote to pass; and Proposition 309, which creates universal voter ID requirements in Arizona. No matter when you vote, where you vote, or how you vote, identification will be required.

No votes are recommended for Proposition 308, which allows individuals here illegally to receive taxpayer subsidized tuition at our universities; Proposition 310 excuses people from having to pay their debt, which will increase inflation, make it harder to access credit, and shift the burden to the taxpayers who do pay their bills; and Proposition 211, which requires private organizations to disclose donors to the government if they spend more than a certain amount in any given election, violating the constitutional right to privacy and association.

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