‘Quail Creek’s Got Talent’ Open Auditions August 8

The Quail Creek’s Got Talent show will return this summer. It’s time to dust off those vocal chords, limber up those fingers, stretch out those leg muscles, and start rehearsing for audition time! Auditions will be held the evening of Thursday, Aug. 8, in the ballroom at the clubhouse. The Performing Arts Guild (PAG) is sponsoring the event, but performers don’t have to be PAG members to be in the show. Anyone who wants to be part of the show is welcome to sing, dance, play an instrument, or simply act up. Surprise your friends and neighbors with your talent!

Performers are responsible for their own costumes, props, makeup, and whatever else they may need. The maximum length of numbers/skits/monologues is five minutes. PAG will have their sound system and CD players available for the show. There is a piano already onstage if needed by the performer. There will be a dress/technical rehearsal the evening of Aug. 16, which all performers will be required to attend.

Auditions will be held privately. To reserve an audition spot or for further information, please email Davey Jones at [email protected] or phone Davey at 520-399-4222. If anyone needs an alternative audition date, we will make every effort to accommodate.

The show itself will be on Saturday, Aug. 17, in the ballroom at the Madera clubhouse, and ticket sales dates will be announced later in What’s Happening.