Let’s Travel Club

Carpooled to Tucson Botanical Gardens

Linn Myrick

Members of the Let’s Travel Club carpooled on May 3 to Tucson to participate in a day trip. Starting out at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, we learned about efforts in place to combat plastic pollution in our oceans. The nonprofit organization Washed Ashore has partnered with the Gardens to showcase several large, elaborate sea creature sculptures constructed entirely from marine debris.

In keeping with the nautical theme, we had lunch at Trident Grill. Opened in 2001 by Nelson Miller, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Trident is named after the special warfare insignia that all Navy SEALS wear on their uniforms.

The last stop on our day trip was the Reid Park Zoo for a behind-the-scenes tour. Our educator’s presentation focused on the medical care and nutrition needs of its animal residents, allowing us access to the Animal Health Center and the zoo kitchen/prep area. We also had the opportunity for an up-close experience with Fireball, a magnificent white rhino.