Quail Creek Shotokan Dojo Students Tests and Awards Its First Black Belt!

Photo by Shari Rodgers

In martial arts, belt testing is the way to measure a student’s progress. Beginner students wear a white belt. As students learn new skills, each student is tested on their form and knowledge and may earn a new belt. Each test is designed to measure a student’s progress in skills that are connected to the next belt level. Testing is an individual measure of progress but, in most cases, a belt test is administered to groups of students. When a student passes a test, they receive his or her new belt as a measure of achievement. Belt colors are as follows (“Kyu” means rank):

10th and 9th Kyu: White

8th Kyu: Yellow

7th Kyu: Orange

6th Kyu: Green

5th Kyu and 4th: Purple

3rd, 2nd, and 1st Kyu: Brown

Black: (1st–9th degree)

When testing, a student needs to show an improvement in technique and a more in-depth knowledge of three karate elements:

* Kihon (basic skills—blocks, kicks, punches)

* Kata (forms)

* Kumite (sparring)

Please join us in congratulating Ron Guirreri, who earned a 1st Dan (rank) Black Belt, and the following students who advanced:

Rocco Colicchia was awarded 7th Kyu: Orange.

Larry Rowan was awarded 5th Kyu.

Ken Kelly was awarded 5th Kyu.

Linda Bleisch was awarded 3rd Kyu.

Skip Jones was awarded 3rd Kyu.

Shari Rodgers was awarded 2nd Kyu.

Studies have shown that activities like karate that use both mental and physical exertion are most beneficial in older adults. A scientific study on cognitive functioning by the Journal of Sport and Health Science showed significant benefits of karate practice in older adults.

Martial arts are an excellent way for older adults (male and female) to stay in shape. The benefits of karate practice go way beyond self-defense and fitness. Participants will see higher energy levels; increased physical and mental agility; improvements to flexibility, balance, and coordination; increased bone density; decreased muscle loss; better weight control and overall health; disease prevention; and so much more!

The Dojo is always welcoming new students. Classes are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. and Fridays from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Anza Athletic Club. Please come by and meet the Dojo folks and watch a session, or come in sweats and try it out! For more information, contact Sensi Stan Herum at [email protected].