Quail Creek Anza Athletic Club Schedule of Classes


Schedule subject to changeCheck Anza or the website calendar at www.quailcreekhoa.org/web/quail-creek-hoa/anza-class-schedule for most recent information and class descriptions

March 15 through April 14, 2022—Note: Most classes are 55 minutes in length. If different, they will be specified below.

CLASS                DAY/TIME        LOCATION        INSTRUCTOR

KarateLevel 1        M,TH 4 p.m., Sat 8 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Stan Herum

KarateLevel 2                T,Th 8 a.m., F 2 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Stan Herum

Classic Fitness        T,Th 11 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Lois Bossert

Full Body Barre *New*        W 8 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Danie Cawthorn

Fusion Fit        M,W 3 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Lorraine Beaver

Gentle Yoga        M,F 8 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Angelika Adkins

HIIT-Fit        T,TH 7 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Laura McMurtry

Low Impact Tabata        M,W 9 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Lois Bossert

Mat Pilates        W,F 10 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Terry Chew

Pilates Fit        M 10 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Terry Chew

Pound® Fit        Sat 10 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Christina Ross

Senior Balance        T,Th 3 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Laura McMurtry

Social Dance Instruction        W,TH 6:30 p.m.        Cholla Studio        Kathi Bobillot

SilverSneakers® Classic        T,TH noon        Cholla Studio        Lois Bossert

Yoga with Lynn        M,W 11 a.m.        Cholla Studio        Lynn Meredith

Zumba        T 9 a.m. (and alt. F)        Cholla Studio        Mae Weravetz

Zumba Toning        Th 9 a.m. (and alt. F)        Cholla Studio        Annette Mesa