Lady Putters Face Weather Challenges

Peggy McGee

Mother Nature has not been kind to the Lady Putters so far in 2022. It seems rain, heavy winds, and really cold mornings have caused several putting sessions to be canceled. Even the Wednesday nearest Valentine’s Day, when the ladies traditionally dress in red and get a special treat, was rained out.

The Money Hole has lived up to its reputation of being the most difficult hole on any given day. So far in 2022, Nancy McDaniel is the only putter who has gone home $5 richer.

Scoring six holes-in-one in a single day were Wendy Van Dyke and Mary Jo Schupmann, while Janet Wegner, Betsy Martin, and Nancy McDaniel each scored five.

With spring being just around the corner, the Lady Putters are looking forward to warmer and drier Wednesdays.

Residents, both owners and renters, are invited to give the Lady Putters a try. As long as it is not raining, join them on the back patio of the clubhouse at 9:45 a.m. on any Wednesday. Bring a putter and one ball. The cost is $1 each time one putts. If a newcomer decides to join after giving the Lady Putters a try, dues are $20 a year, with a check payable to QCLP.