QCMGA Results

Quail Creek QCMGA 2-Man Scramble PYP, October 12

Silver Flight 1: 1st Skip Byron and Robert Macleod, 64; 2nd Jerald Gunn and Jay Thompson, 67; 3rd Jock Olson and Greg Dinnocenti, 67

Silver Flight 2: 1st Robin Barnes and Tracey Austell, 65; 2nd Rick Wagner and Craig Smith, 66; 3rd Ralph Scafuri and Craig Parsons, 68

Silver Flight 3: 1st Ron Hammond and Tim Printz, 70; 2nd Jim McNiel and Alfred Gong, 70; 3rd Dana Stanley and Rich Morgan, 71

Silver Flight 4: 1st Steven Jarrett and Rick Sutton, 68; 2nd Greg Rathvon and Rick Bellin, 68; 3rd Robin Mayo and Elza Harmon, 70

SCC/COP Flight 1: 1st Jim Lynch and Clark Anderson, 63; 2nd Joel Otterson and William Stock, 64

SCC/COP Flight 2: 1st Jack Hendrickson and Gunter Schmidt, 64; 2nd Phil Wade and Kevin Bacon, 68