QCLGA Results

Threesome Best Net Ball Oct. 14

Flight 1: 1st Hedlund, Olsen, Whitehead -2, 2nd Opsal, Rathvon, Wilcox -1

Flight 2: 1st Cook, Hocking, Ulery -3, 2nd Allred, Knox, McDaniels -2, 3rd (tie) Epstein, Simmons, Turner E./Brogdon, Gould, Owens E.

Flight 3: 1st Crane, Harmon, Thompson -4

PYP True Alternate Shot Net Event, Oct. 21

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Janet Johnson and Bobbi Jo Rathvon, 77/Cheryl Opsal and Karen Stensrud, 77

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Kathy Coleman and Kate Schwartz, 77/Roz Harrison and Sherry Morris, 77/Bonnie Vanni and Sung Whitehead, 77

Flight 3: 1st Brenda Allred and Sharon Schoen, 72; 2nd Terri Bacon and Judith Olsen, 76

Flight 4: 1st Cherie McDaniels and Kathy Thompson, 74; 2nd Patty Zatkin and Kathy Linn, 82

Flight 5: 1st Linda Kelly and Mary Newman, 72; 2nd Kandi Roy and Kathy Printz, 81

QCCLA Couples Alternate Shot Event Oct. 22

Flight 1:

Gross: 1st Greg and Bobbi Jo Rathvon, 78

Net: 1st Charlie and Janet Johnson, 65; 2nd Jeff and Leslie Hansen, 67

Flight 2:

Gross: 1st Jay and Brenda Allred, 83

Net: 1st (tie) Ted and Roz Harrison, 75/Bob and Diane Thornton, 75

Flight 3:

Gross: 1st Mike and Julia Fox, 90

Net: 1st Jerry and Sharon Bisping, 68; 2nd Jim and Jan Topolski, 71