QCLGA Results

QCLGA T and F Flighted Competition, December 29

Kathy Thompson

Flight 1: 1st Bobbi Jo Rathvon; 2nd Elly Cashel

Flight 2: 1st Robin Brannon; 2nd (tie) Sherry Morris and Dena Knox

Flight 3: 1st Roz Harrison; 2nd (tie) Kathy Linn and Brenda Allred

Flight 4: 1st Phyllis O’Brien,; 2nd Cathy Nelms

Flight 5: 1st Kathy Thompson; 2nd Bonnie Vanni

QCLGA 2-Person Stableford Net BB, January 12

Kathy Thompson

Flight 1: 1st (tie) T. Nicholson and M. Brealey, B. Rathvon and S. Whitehead

Flight 2: 1st Dena Knox and Susan McCune, 2nd (tie) B. Allred and R. Haytack, S. Morris and P. Avent

Flight 3: 1st Ann Carr and Jean Kienitz, 2nd (tie) K. Brogdon and A. Carmien, P. Zatkin and P. Crane

Flight 4: 1st Marie Cook and Bonnie Vanni, 2nd Julie Jensen and Kathy Printz

Flight 5: 1st Terri Erickson and Diana Minuskin, 2nd Andrea Jondal and Margith Baker

QCLGA Low Gross Low Net
State Medallion Qualifier,

January 5

Kathy Thompson

Flight 1 Low Gross Finishers: 1st Jane Gibson, 2nd Bobbi Jo Rathvon

Flight 2: 1st Sherry Morris, 2nd Stacia Sowers

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Ann Carr and Sandy Hedland

Flight 4: 1st Chris Laxague, 2nd Cathy Nelms

Flight 5: 1st Sharon Bisbing, 2nd Deborah Nelson

Flight 1 Low Net Finishers: 1st Terry Nicholson, 2nd Karen Stensrud

Flight 2: 1st (tie) D. Knox, S. Whitehead, and R. Brannon

Flight 3: 1st Francis Martin, 2nd Mary Newman

Flight 4: 1st Beth Davis, 2nd Julie Jensen

Flight 5: 1st Andrea Jondal, 2nd Kandi Roy