QCLGA Results

QCLGA PYP 2-Day Eclectic, August 25

Janet Johnson

Flight 1: 1st Robin Brannan and Janet Johnson, -10; 2nd Debbie Riddell and Jan Scissons, -9

Flight 2: 1st Terri Bacon and Judith Olsen, -13; 2nd Kathy Linn and Elly Cashel, -8

Flight 3: 1st Carol Hocking and Linda Ulery, -9; 2nd Kathy Brogdon and Sonia Heeren, -5

Flight 4: 1st Phyllis O’Brien and Kathy Printz, -7; 2nd Nancy Planck and Kathy Stotz, -6

Flight 5: 1st Margith Baker and Karen Guinn, -8; 2nd Andrea Jondal and Linda Kelly, -3

QCLGA Two-Person Team Net Chapman Scotch Event, August 11

Janet Johnson

Each golfer tees off. Each partner hits their partner’s next ball, then they decide which ball is best and hit alternate shots to the hole. Very fun format!

Flight 1: 1st Alice Dyke and Karen Stensrud 69, 2nd (tie) Sherry Morris and Elly Cashel, Janet Johnson and Radie Haytack, and Kate Schwartz and Bonny Wilcox 70

Flight 2: 1st Marie Cook and Carol Hocking 71, 2nd Terri Bacon and Judith Olsen 74

Flight 3: 1st Peg Avent and Mary Newman 69, 2nd Phyllis O’Brien and Stacia Sower 71

Flight 4: 1st Bonnie Morgan and Karen Guinn 68, 2nd Linda Ulery and Perri Jones 69, 3rd (tie) Margith Baker and Connie Vaughan and Kathy Printz and Jan Ranney 73

QCLGA Four-Person Scramble, August 4

Janet Johnson

1st (tie)Janet Johnson, Peg Avent, and Dena Knox; Elly Cashel, Alice Dyke, Linda Ulery, and Linda Kelly; Sherry Morris, Cheryl Opsal, Roz Harrison, and Margith Baker