QC Critters Club news

The Quail Creek Critters Club had its winter meeting on Wednesday, January 27; about 35 were in attendance to hear speaker JoAnn Turnbull, President and CEO of Handi-Dogs, Inc. Jo Ann was accompanied by Luna, a yellow lab service dog and her owner Marty Fulton. The presentation defined the difference between Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and dogs used for emotional wellbeing.

Dogs are trained for the individual needs of their owners as Marty and Luna demonstrated—picking up dropped objects and using the service dog as a brace to get up and down out of chairs. The dogs learn body language with no need of commands or signals. Jo Ann stressed that if anything Handi-Dogs is a testimony to “the remarkable things animals do.” It is a nonprofit organization founded in 1973. For more information visit Handi-Dogs.org.