What governs golf at Quail Creek?

Skip and Dreama Fumia

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question (What governs golf at Quail Creek?), you’ve also probably guessed that the answer is “it depends”-. As it turns out, a lot of life’s questions have an “it depends” answer. But let’s try to limit our scope of discussion to our golf question.

What governs the game of golf you play here at QC is, first and foremost, the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. A new edition (effective January 2016) is available now and was probably mailed to you when you renewed your USGA membership. Conveniently noted up front are the changes from the last publication of the Rules. These Rules are supplemented by our QC Local Rules which are established by our Head Golf Professional, Joel Jaress. Copies of our Local Rules may be found at the Pro Shop. Also, our golf associations typically post a copy of the Local Rules to their respective websites.

What governs other aspects of your golf experience here at QC? The QC Rules, (approved March 9, 2015), Article 8 – Golf, contains General Information, how Golf Fees are established, Rules of Play (to address specific conditions here), rules involving use of Golf Carts, our Dress Code and Enforcement of Rules (consequences of violating our Rules).

From hardcore golf players to residents who require the use of a launch monitor, for example, to help them improve their game, there are policies established by our Head Professional to help ensure all residents have fair access to the course and to ensure a positive golfing experience for our residents. For example, a recent policy governs use of a particular feature of the Chelsea Automated Tee Time system. Some residents were in the habit of submitting a tee time request for themselves and one or more guests. This resulted in more desirable tee times since guests do not have assigned Chelsea “points” (the higher the points, the less likely you are to be assigned a desirable tee time). However, use of guests in this way caused undue confusion for the Pro Shop staff (uncertainty about who had checked in, who was being called to the tee box) as well as confusion for the players themselves (guests who didn’t know which foursome they were playing with, for example). Now, when tee times are requested, any guest must be a non-resident. If this is violated, punitive Chelsea points are assigned to the originator of that request.

What about governance with regard to annual membership and non-membership players? When residents apply for annual membership, they sign an agreement containing certain provisions and a waiver of liability statement. Non-membership forms of payment also carry provisions that are shown on the annual Golf Operation Fee Schedule posted to the HOA website.

What about anything not covered by any of the above? That is typically the responsibility of the Head Golf Professional. He may seek counsel from the Green Committee, but he is responsible to our General Manager and the POA Board for Golf Operations at Quail Creek.