Pro’s Corner

Jason Whitehill

Q. It has been suggested that I get my putter cut down as I am an inconsistent putter and when I take my address position my arms are quite bent at the elbows.

A. I suggest you look at the players on television as all the great putters are putting with relatively straight, hanging arms. For years the standard men’s putter was 35 inches and now many are 34, 33 or even 32” as finally, the manufacturers are acknowledging the new putting methods used on fast greens are completely different than what it was years ago.

Q. I have been having a terrible time with my short chipping and pitch shots. When I practice I hit them okay but when I am under the pressure of real game conditions, I usually chunk (hitting behind the ball) them. Is there a drill that can help me?

A. Start by putting a few balls on tees approximately a finger-width from the turf. Take your stance and hit some shots with your eyes closed and don’t worry if you hit some bad ones until you get over the “panic stage.” Once you are comfortable, place the balls directly on the turf and repeat the process until you can assure yourself that you can hit quality shots without looking at the ball. Once you have attained that confidence, repeat the process looking at the spot where you want the ball to land as opposed to looking at the ball. Keep your eyes focused on the landing zone and you will be amazed how good you can hit these little shots without looking at the ball. The whole process takes a little time but will result in added confidence and softer hands when hitting those little half-shots around the green. Many players have tried this while putting to get their feel back. It works with the short game clubs, too.