Green Committee Association representatives speak up

Skip and Dreama Fumia

Quail Creek’s Green Committee is composed of nine voting members – five of which are at-large members and four who represent the QCLGA, QCMGA, Niners and Duffers golfing associations with a current total membership of 825. Using our historic benchmark of golfers comprising 30% of Quail Creek residents, QC golfer’s number approximately 1020. So, the association reps play an important role in advocating for a large segment (about 80%) of QC golfers. Let’s see what the current reps have to say.

Gail Phillips, QCLGA President: “Participating as a voting member of the Green Committee is both a responsibility and an opportunity. Representing the QCLGA brings a viewpoint from the women’s 18-hole golfers that is, on many topics and issues, different from the other official golf associations. It is an opportunity to understand more about the agro-economic development and care of the three golf nines. It is a responsibility to express QCLGA opinions that impact the budget which, in turn, supports the golf operation. It is also a chance to express concerns related to the Copper Tee panorama and needed comfort related improvements on the course.”

Sharon Paxson, Lady Niners President: “Our members feel it is beneficial to have representation on this committee. At the monthly meetings we hear updates on a wide range of subjects, such as: course conditions, overseed details, types of grass used for varying temperatures, tee time issues, use of fairway entry/exit gates or if driving is allowed on the fairway or rough. The meetings give an opportunity for all golfers to bring up their ideas or concerns about the course. As the Niner president I bring up issues that are of specific concern to our 9-hole members. The Green Committee gives all of us a chance to work together for the betterment of the Quail Creek golfing community.”

Allen Mitro, QCMGA Vice-President: “The members of the QCMGA maintain a very strong interest in the plans and deliberations of the Green Committee. They consider this committee a vital component of the health of the Quail Creek community, as well as the golf courses. Members gain an additional perspective and understanding from their committee representative in addition to the committee’s published minutes. Each of the golf associations has different dynamics that impact their membership in a distinct and unique manner. The representative of each member organization must be able to provide the viewpoint critical to their members to the Green Committee.”

Frank Hewitt, Desert Duffers immediate past President and Board member: “We currently have 253 members and play Tuesdays in two or three shotguns. Many of our members play at Quail Creek in addition to the Tuesday shotgun – 9 or 18 holes. I believe this group is representative of many Quail Creek residents who only want to play nine holes at a time. Representation on the Green Committee allows me to present and discuss what I believe are unique needs based on our membership makeup. Additionally, being on the committee allows me to participate in open discussion, represent our needs and hopefully influence outcomes in an open forum structure.”