New Quail Creek Library Policies

Susan Warburton and Alphie Smith

It is time to give an update on the latest procedures of the Quail Creek Library for our residents. Although the library remained open during most of the COVID pandemic, the procedures and rules changed several times. Now with an influx of new residents and many new donations, the Library Management Team wants to inform you of our new policies.

When the Madera Clubhouse is open, the Quail Creek Library is also open for residents to explore the many materials available to them. The library has more than 30 volunteers. Each day, five or six volunteers work in the library to keep it operating smoothly. There are no sign-out procedures; take home a book, a puzzle, a movie, a game, a magazine, or a book on tape. Please return the item when you are finished with it.

Due to relevance and space considerations, we have developed several protocols which include:

Fiction books, with the copyright date 2017 to the present are kept, along with any doubles. Authors we keep, no matter the copyright date, include David Baldacci, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, John Grisham, J.A. Jance, and James Patterson.

Nonfiction books (history, biography, current, sports, travel, southwest, health, and inspiration) are retained for 10 years.

Large Print books in good condition are always kept.

Magazines consist of only the most recent copies, with the exception of the cooking magazines, which are all kept in circulation.

Books on tape are kept as long as shelving space allows. The boxes they come in must be in good condition.

Movies/DVD retention is determined by space and relevance.

Puzzles are an ongoing challenge. Because we have an overabundance of jigsaw puzzles, please do not return any puzzles with missing pieces; simply, throw the puzzle out! Puzzles will no longer have cards on the back to indicate that they are complete; we will assume any returned puzzles are complete.

As you can tell, many of our policies are driven by space constraints. We strive to make the Quail Creek Library a place for residents to enjoy and where they can feel comfortable.