May Photo Contest: Nostalgia

Second place winner; photo by Monte Hudson

Third place winner; photo by Denny Huber

First place winner; photo by Tom Reiman

Deb Nesbitt

The Photo Club of Quail Creek enjoyed hosting the May photo contest, Nostalgia. Congratulations to May’s winners, Tom Reiman, Monte Hudson, and Denny Huber. Eligible photos were taken within the last three years with only minimal post-processing allowed.

Congratulations to Tom Reiman for the first place photo, entitled Roll Top Typewriter. As Tom’s wife loves antiques, his Oregon shop was overrun with more of her stuff than his woodworking tools, some of which included a fun assortment of collectibles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tom decided to stage her small roll top desk with some small items, including the typewriter, inkwells, and serving trays. He shot 20 different setups, while changing the items in the photo, searching for the best source of light (incandescent versus sunlight versus flash) to add to the mood of the image—and ended up using an old table lamp. With the right composition, he processed the image using ON1 Photo Raw (a photo processing and effects app) by first converting the image to black and white, then tinting it, and adding a vignette and vintage frame. The nice thing about ON1 software is that all processing is done in a nondestructive manner, and you can undo anything until you find a combination that you like. Tom used a Canon EOS R5 with the following shooting parameters: depth of field f/11, 1 second, ISO (the sensitivity to light of the camera) 640, and focal length of 28 mm.

Monte Hudson placed second with Target Practice. Monte reported that with the theme being nostalgia, the windmill certainly was that for her. It reminded her of many pleasant moments as a child visiting her aunt and uncle’s farm. The shot was taken in New Mexico. The image was shot in color, converted to black and white, and closely cropped to show the greatest detail. The photograph was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T6i with a depth of field of f/8, 1/400 seconds, ISO 100, and a focal length of 128 mm.

Third place was given to Denny Huber for Crank Call (such a clever play on words and image). Denny shared the story that this old phone lives at Castle Hot Springs, north of Phoenix, whose guests included Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. So, it is possible that old Teddy himself used that phone. He thought it was amusing to place an iPhone in the picture to show a hundred years of innovation—then wondered about someone a hundred years from now making the same image, but with the ancient iPhone as the background! Love the humor! Denny used his Apple iPhone 8. Shooting parameters included f/1.8, 1/15 seconds, ISO 50, and a focal length of 4 mm.

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