Lavender—“The Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils”

JoAnne Gaudioso

Lavender is often referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils” because of its usefulness and popularity. Lavender is widely considered a must-have essential oil because of its versatility. It’s been used and cherished for centuries because of its unmistakable aroma and myriad of benefits. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used lavender for bathing and cooking, and as a perfume. Its calming, relaxing aroma promotes a peaceful environment. When taken internally, lavender can help soothe and relax the mind. When applied topically, lavender may reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. Add it to bathwater to soak away stress, or apply it to your temples and the back of your neck. Add a few drops to pillows, bedding, or the bottoms of your feet to prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

* Use lavender essential oil to get a better night’s sleep. Add the following oils to your diffuser to induce sleep.

9 drops lavender

3 drops neroli/vetiver

1 drop Roman chamomile

2 drops wild orange

* Use lavender oil in a massage to relieve stress and pain. Mix the following inside a dark glass or PET plastic bottle. Dilute the blend by adding carrier oil (almond oil). Massage onto the body for pain relief.

2 drops lavender oil

2 drops rosemary oil

4 tsp. almond oil

* Use lavender oil in cosmetics to soothe inflammation and itching. Simply add a drop or two to your moisturizer to soothe inflamed areas. You can also use it to apply to bug bites to relieve itching.

* Use lavender oil to condition your hair and control hair loss. By diluting a few drops in a natural shampoo and regularly massaging it into your scalp, the increased blood circulation will enhance hair growth, condition the hair, treat dandruff and lice, and strengthen hair.

* Lavender essential oil can be used in cooking. Lavender can be added to cake and muffin recipes, warm drinks, honey, shortbread, or marinades. One to two drops usually suffices. For a really refreshing summer drink, add a drop of lavender to a pitcher of fresh lemonade.

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