Knit Wits help homeless moms-to-be


Peggy McGee

All it took was one email from the Green Valley Chapter, Military Officers Association liaison with the VA to Donna Lou Hetler, Chair of Knit Wits to get the ball rolling. The VA had said that there were five homeless veterans who were expecting babies in the next few months. Initially it was believed the babies were due in the spring but as it turned out two girls were due the first week in January. Even the holidays didn’t stop the ladies from responding from the depths of their hearts. Besides Donna Lou, the Knit Wits include Linda Linker, Ruth Link, Sharon Rychener, Polly Casey and non-MOAA member Donna Herrera.

Throughout the year the group gets together to knit lap and large blankets for hospitalized veterans and other veteran groups. But mentioning homeless moms-to-be to the ladies really tugged at their heart strings.

Not only did they donate blankets for the babies but also full-sized afghans in a stained-glass pattern for the moms. And then to make it extra special and allow the new mom to pamper herself, they added body lotions and some other personal sized grooming items lovingly wrapped in nylon netting and tied with a festive bow. Besides some costume jewelry for the moms, another member provided diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, clothing and laundry baskets. Several TWOQC members knitted hats, booties, and blankets to support the effort. The White Elephant also donated clothing and car seats for those with vehicles.

The ladies’ kindness will give hope to these babies who are coming into the world with very few material benefits.

The homeless veteran who got these baskets shed tears of joy and words of deep appreciation to all who contributed to her basket.