Giving Back to Our Community

DCQC members participating in the trash collection.

DCQC members participating in the trash collection.

Marybeth Bates

On March 3, 17 Democratic Club of Quail Creek (DCQC) members and friends got together for the Democratic Club’s first trash collection effort as part of Sahuarita’s Adopt-a-Roadway program. They picked up an impressive 32 bags of trash, a pile of PVC pipe, a 9 by 4 foot plywood sign, a pile of rebar, assorted whiskey and tequila bottles, and more than a few beer containers. John Garcia, a representative for the town of Sahuarita, was very complimentary of the DCQC’s work.

Public Works provides adopters safety signage and training, clean-up equipment (trash bags, reflective vests, gloves, and trash pickers), and removes the collected trash after each clean-up. As a thank you, the town provides two signs along the adopted road acknowledging the affiliated group.

This was a great opportunity to give back to our community, as we all can appreciate the cleaned-up roadway into our neighborhood. The next clean-up event will be in early June, so, if you’re interested, please watch for information on our webpage, our Facebook page, or sign-up for our newsletter to get dates and times for the next road clean-up.