Especially for cooks, travelers and game players

Larry Thomson, Library Co-Chair

It is well-known to most Quail Creekers that the Library at Madera Clubhouse has an impressive collection of current fiction and non-fiction books as well as movies, audio books and current magazines. But less well-known, perhaps, are the specialty collections that can be found there.

For example, for anyone looking for new recipes and menus, there is a separate rack mounted on the wall in the back of the library dedicated to food magazines and cookbooks. These items are free to take home, with no obligation to return them. Some are new, some are not. But all of them are likely to offer fresh meal ideas or even old favorite recipes that are worth bringing back.

Other specialty articles to be found in the library are Travel, Health, Games and Inspiration. These are shelved inside cabinets located under the large print books. These items are not checked for copyright dates and do not bear the QC Library stamp, but they are retained for future use by residents.

Information on Library management is available in the binder on the bottom shelf of one of the return carts, should anyone have questions.

A dedicated volunteer staff of 41 women and men work each and every day in the library to process new donations, as well as organize and shelve returned books and magazines. Be sure to thank them when you see them at work!