Don’t Let the Ponytail Fool You … Karate Is for Women!

Shari Rodgers (left) and Linda Belisch (right)

Shari Rodgers and Linda Bleisch

Hi, our names are Shari Rodgers and Linda Bleisch, and we are members of the Quail Creek Dojo. We would love for you to join us at the Anza gym to learn Shotokan karate. No one is too old, too overweight, too weak, too short, too tall, or too anything to study and excel in the art of karate. Instead of women “should learn” martial arts, we believe women “need” martial arts for a reason. Martial arts give women ways to cope, persevere, understand, learn, and grow in all aspects of life. And, yes, if needed, it gives us the means to protect ourselves. We don’t want to be victims.

Martial arts training is a form of aerobic activity. It will raise your heart rate which will result in better cardio and endurance levels over time. Further, training also reduces your blood pressure, which makes your heart even stronger. All of this may prevent heart and other diseases. It will also make you more flexible, which keeps the muscles healthy and the body strong. It can increase bone density, which is crucial for women as we age, especially for those in their 70s or 80s. Normally, this is when many start to feel weak and fragile. Training just a couple of times per week can make you feel and be stronger. Many people think their bodies are too old to keep up or do martial arts classes. They have the wrong perception that students are hurting each other all the time or that their bodies are too old for that stuff. It’s just not true. Joining the classes can only help your body and mind become stronger. And, no, martial arts students have no intention of hurting each other!

Martial arts training will improve self-defense skills and can help women stay agile and mobile. This can help evade an attacker if necessary. Martial arts training can teach women how to use their bodies strategically to avoid threatening situations and provides you with the time and methods to avoid being injured.

No matter your age, you can’t be too old to learn how to defend yourself. It also doesn’t matter if you are living in a safe area like Quail Creek. The danger, especially for women, is present all the time. We know that bad things happen when you least expect it. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to defend or escape from a dangerous situation. The good news is that most women who know a martial art like karate never have to use it. Why? Because they are more aware of their surroundings and show confidence in their body language. The bad guys are looking for easy targets.

Our Dojo (place of learning) is like a large family. The members become your support, your cheerleaders, and your fellow classmates. It is a welcoming environment where you can work slowly, at your own pace, to gain confidence and skills. Our instructor and sensei (meaning teacher) is Stan Herum, who is a fourth degree black belt in the art of Shotokan karate. Stan lives in Quail Creek, and his goal is for you to gain confidence and ability. We will do that together at the Dojo and in your workouts. Training classes are Mondays and Tuesdays from 4 to 6 p.m., Thursdays from 5 to 6:30 p.m., and Fridays from 2 to 4 p.m. Feel free to stop by and watch or participate in our classes.

Together we can help you approach life with confidence. Women who study karate inevitably learn how powerful they are—emotionally, physically, and psychologically. We hope to see ya soon!