Directory of Departments

Member Services: Susanna Meadows, supervisor, [email protected]

Architectural and Landscape: Becky Ashin, ALC clerk, [email protected]

Anza: Don Beaver, director of fitness, [email protected]

Golf Operations: Josh Wilks, director of golf, [email protected]

Patrol: Tim Fleck, director of patrol, [email protected]

Food and Beverage: Benjamin Castro, director of food and beverage, [email protected]

Banquets and Coffee Bar: Epi Torres, director of banquets/events, [email protected]

Activities: Armando Alvarez, [email protected]

Grill: Chef Aris Cabrera, [email protected]

Restaurant: Regina Hartman, [email protected]

Maintenance: Please use the work order link on the POA website.

General Manager Admin.: Christy Zaferis, [email protected]

General Manager: Melani Caron, [email protected]