Cool Car Club holds mini-golf tournament

Outgoing Cool Car Club Flight Leads, Jerry and Deborah Bryant, pass the “Cool Car” to new leaders, G-Man and Kathleen Camp.

First Place team, the Camps and Salatich’s, inspect their passes for a free round of golf.

Jerry G. Bryant

With a great turnout of 49 members, the Cool Car Club closed out its season on April 11 with a drive to Tucson for a mini-golf tournament and dinner at Trail Dust Town’s Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse.

For the tournament, 13 teams dispersed for a shotgun start at Golf N Stuff. Prizes were awarded to the following teams over dinner:

First Place: “Fore in the Rough”, Gage and Kathleen Camp, Lou and Margo Salatich.

Second Place: “The Mini Drivers”, Tom and Margaret McNamara, Shel and Patty Zatkin.

Third Place: “The Moody Bloopers”, Terry and Kathy Moody, Vern Spohn.

Best Team Call Sign: “Buncha Hacks”, Dave and Linda Carver, Jacquie Owens, Susan Roach.

Following the awards, there was a “Change of Command” during which the retiring Flight Leads, Jerry and Deborah Bryant, passed the “Cool Car” to the new Flight Leads, Gage “G-Man” and Kathleen Camp.

Behind the scenes Gage had surreptitiously arranged with club members to give the Bryants an overnight getaway to the Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson. Similarly, club member and expert quilter Jadine Hilt, presented a Cool Car Club Quilt that she personalized for the Bryants. Needless to say, the Bryants were surprised, grateful and humbled by the club’s kindness and generosity. All they ever expected or wanted were the smiles of members at the end of an outing. Thanks to the talent and good ideas of the new Flight Leads, Gage and Kathleen Camp, this great Quail Creek tradition will continue and get even better.

Over the course of the just concluded season, the CC Riders proved they are a multi-modal, fun loving crowd, enjoying many forms of transportation in addition to their Cool Cars: Rail Cars on the Verde Canyon Rail Road; Horses at Tanque Verde Ranch; Tucson Street Cars en route to the U of A Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab; Golf carts at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort and The Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake.

We’ve had fun and more importantly, with the Road Rally and the hugely successful Car Show, combined fun with doing something for someone else with contributions to deserving organizations right here in our community. Our thanks to Jack Davis and Angie Werner for the massive effort of organizing the Car Show and to the Road Rally and Car Show volunteers that made those events possible.

We’ll see you next season at the intersection of Road Trip and Fun.