Category: July 2020

Preview for 2021 Concerts

Nancy Planck, Activities Coordinator Due to the uncertainty of when The Governor’s Office, CDC, and the Property Owners Association (POA) will provide guidelines for seating allocations for future concerts, we will not be selling series tickets, renewals, or individual tickets at this time. Once we have been given the guidelines to proceed, I will be…

Hole in One Success

Janet Johnson, Publicity Committee We have another hole-in-one! Congrats to Dena Knox for her first hole-in-one on June 22, on Quail number 2. 130 yards with an 8-iron. Awesome job!

Eagle on Par Five

Janet Johnson, Publicity Committee On June 8, our QCLGA president, Jacquie Owens, had an Eagle on hole number 18, par 5 at the Country Club of Green Valley. Nice going Jacquie! Setting another great example!

Lady Putters to Host Christmas in July

A typical Christmas in July collection. (Photo by Sylvia Butler)

Peggy McGee Although they are still not able to putt as a group, the Lady Putters plan to continue their long-established practice of hosting a Christmas in July event to support the local Food Bank. Rather than bringing donations of non-perishable foods to the Madera Clubhouse, ladies are asked to take them to Putter President…

Book Suggestion

Gary and Jeri Collins One ‘must read’ book is Cane Field Revival by QC resident Joann Haberer. It’s a mystery set in Maui with lots of twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down! She writes under the name Joann Bassett and her books are available through Amazon.

The Hidden Meaning of Flowers

Bonnie Nowicki, Master Gardener As our country’s health struggles continue, I delve deeper into my book collection. I was fascinated reading about the language of flowers. From ancient times, flowers have been symbolic. Greek and Romans made garlands and wreaths for their warriors. Poets have extolled the virtue of flowers over the centuries, but it…

Dollars and Sense: Reverse Mortgages (Part 5)

The Paseo Financial Group Recently, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau put together a report to examine the reverse mortgage industry. This report concluded that the following groups of seniors were most likely to benefit from obtaining a reverse mortgage: * Those looking to supplement a fixed income in retirement. * Those who need a home…

Calling All Friends of the Evans Scholars Foundation!

Ray Rosenbach I am reaching out to residents in all of the Robson Communities looking for Evans Scholars Alumni or fellow supporters of the Evans Scholars Foundation. The Evans Scholars Foundation awards full tuition and housing college scholarships to high-achieving youth caddies with limited financial means. Established in 1930 by the Western Golf Association and…