Bewitched for Charity

Terri Erickson

The three women golf organizations of Quail Creek came together to plan a fun event for all ladies in Quail Creek and an opportunity to give back to this community. The committee, with members from each of the organizations, The Putters, Niners and 18 Hole Club, have been busy planning the event for Tuesday, October 31.

They have named four local charities to be the recipients of the money raised during this event. They are The Community Food Bank, Angel Heart (PJ project), Dazees Hands of a Friend and The Valley Assistance Services (taking care of seniors and children). These charities will be present to accept donations and answer questions at the luncheon. The charities ensure greater than 96% of the funds go directly to individuals affected, rather than administrative costs. Donations will qualify for the Arizona State Tax Credit on your state income tax return, up to $800 per couple or $400 per individual. Best to bring your checkbook or cash.

The games for the day will be a putter event at the practice range, a non-competitive nine-hole fun game which will accommodate all golfers, even those without a handicap, and an 18-hole competition made up of four-person teams. All forms for signing up are at the Pro Shop at this time and will be available in the Madera Clubhouse when the shop is closed during overseed. There is also a lunch-only form, and these women also may sign up as a group.

At the luncheon, there will be a “split the pot” drawing where each of the four charities and four individual women will win the cash. Our pro, Joel Jaress, is providing a free ticket to each participant, and these door prizes will include Joel lessons, a golf bag and rounds of golf at various other courses.

The intent of this day is to raise money for these local charities, giving back to this great community and providing a fun day for all ladies of Quail Creek. Come join the fun!