From The New Home Sales Team

The Quail Creek sales team is excited to announce that 16 new residents have joined the community between July and August. There are 80 new residents that are now calling Quail Creek home so far this year. Welcome to the community and enjoy everything that Quail Creek has to offer.

The Fresco, Pavona, and Tesoro are our newest model homes. All three offer beautiful open floor plans and display a creative use of space that is perfect for every lifestyle. Come find which one is best suited to be your next home.

If you are looking for a new home right now, our designer homes are a great option. Quail Creek is currently offering three move-in ready homes that are skillfully designed and ready for immediate move-in. These homes are perfect for the person who is looking for all of the benefits that a new home has to offer without waiting for the building process. Make sure that if you are thinking about moving, whether it be into one of our homes or not, you are clued up on all things real estate. If you’re asking yourself questions like What Are Closing Costs, How Much Are They, and how do I get to the point of these fees, pages like SimpleSale have the answers.

If you’re planning a move from far away, you might want to get a quote from a company who could move your car for you. This service might be of use if you’re moving house from far away in a rental van with all of your possessions in. Most people often forget to plan ahead like this, so make sure you’ve worked out how you’re going to move everything. Moving into a new house is stressful enough, don’t worry yourself even more by forgetting to plan someone to deliver your car to you.

Moving into a brand new home can be scary, it’s up to you to decorate and put your stamp on the place. Its a blank canvas until you move your things in and get settled. The Quail Creek homes are finished to a high standard that should impress most people upon first viewings.

Potential homebuyers are always looking for the best home to suit them and their families, however, it can be hard to find one even if it is brand new, because of pricing. This is where sites such as can help people find the right home for them in their desired price range, you don’t need to be in a brand new house to feel at home in your surroundings.