Audio books and movies available at the Quail Creek Library


Larry Thomson, co-chair, Library at Madera Clubhouse

Those residents who use the Library at Madera Clubhouse have come to expect a good selection of current fiction and non-fiction books. After all, it is a library! But there’s so much more to the collection than just printed books.

For example, there are two carousels there – one that’s loaded at last count with over 300 audiobooks, the other with about 350 movies on DVD. Audiobooks are arranged alphabetically, but the movies are shelved in a way that invites exploration of the titles.

Our growing collection is the result of the generosity of our patrons, who are free to borrow any of the materials for as long as they want, without bothersome due dates. We do ask, though, that if you borrow an audiobook or movie that is incomplete or defective, that you not return it but instead just throw it away. Then the next person who takes something home can have confidence that it is in good working order.

There is little or no screening of donated movies and audiobooks. As long as there is space on the carousel shelves, they will be kept as part of the collection.

As always, many thanks to residents for keeping the library supplied with up-to-date books. With the great support shown by the Quail Creek community, the collections can continue to grow in size and enjoyment!

“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.” – Mary Wortley Montagu