Love Those Valentine’s Day Painted Rocks!

Inna Shames

Have you noticed that many residents display painted rocks among their landscaping? Well, chances are they learned to do that in Janet Rumford’s rock painting class!

Janet has been teaching rock painting to members of The Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) for more than three years. During that time, more than 250 women have attended the classes she holds in her charming casita.

So, when a group of TWOQC women got together there on a very rainy day in early February, painting Valentine’s Day rocks was just the thing to brighten up the gloom. In attendance were Janice Jahne, Jennie Gaines, Wanda Staab, Victoria Vastalo, Kim Darrah, Kathleen Dorr, Jane Riechman, Gloria Rosenburg, and Kay Allen.

Everyone brought their imaginations, and all their rocks turned out awesome! There were hearts and flowers galore and, of course, lots of love! And also ladybugs, cacti, sunsets, and, yes, even a stray penguin!

But it’s not just about the rocks. Many friendships have been started over a painted rock or two, and there is always lots of laughter. So, don’t wait for a rainy day to check out Janet’s rock painting class, because there aren’t many of those here in Green Valley. Any sunny day will do just fine!