15th Time’s the Charm

This coming February will highlight the 15th murder mystery written and produced by Davey Jones. His talented cast of actors and singers will test each other regarding who killed the drummer and playwright. In a unique twist, the play starts at the wake of the two guys, with five black-clad women who have nothing complimentary to say about the victims.

Perhaps these events will test your appetite as the main course is then served: sliced tenderloin of pork with mushroom demi-glaze, haricot vert, and mashed potatoes. The show then reverts to the previous day so you can see what led up to the murder and “whodunnit.” Delicious tres leches cake is served as you try to figure out answers to the questionnaire.

Fifteen is also a significant number, as the tickets will go on sale at the concierge desk and online on Dec. 15. The meal, show, tax, and tip is just $37, with tables of up to eight. Show dates are Feb. 8, 9, and 10, 2024. If you want great entertainment (acting and singing) from seven of your friends and neighbors here at Quail Creek, this is your chance. There will be more music than before—11 musical numbers that you will recognize, and, no, the playwright will not sing! For the first time, all cast members will be individually mic’d.