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Updates to Source Book™ listings

In the next couple of weeks the Unit Reps will be getting in touch with all of their residents to make sure their current listing in the Source Book is accurate or if changes need to be made, or if you don’t have a listing and you desire one. If changes are needed the Unit Rep…

Change in Quail Creek Source Book™ delivery

Robson Publishing The delivery of the 2016/2017 Quail Creek Source Books will be different from years prior. In the past, homeowners were notified via What’s Happening that the books had arrived and to make their way to the Concierge Desk at the clubhouse to retrieve their copy. This year, we will try something a bit different…


There was an error in a phone number in the Handy Number Guide in the 2015-2016 Source Book. The correct number for snake removal is 629-9200. We apologize for the error.