QCMGA Results: 2-Man Best Ball—August 3, 2021

Paul Schupmann Flight 1: 1. Ralph Scafuri and Craig Parsons, 66 2. Tom Fischer and Michael Eldridge, 68 3. Shel Zatkin and Chuck Sobiech, 69 Flight 2: 1. Bill Sheppard and Alfred Gong, 62 2. Steven Jarrett and Rick Sutton, 69 3. Ron Hammond and Jim Baker, 69 Flight 3: 1. Tracey Austell and Bob…

QCMGA Results: Stableford—July 27, 2021

Paul Schupmann Silver Flight 1: 1. Clark Wilson, 39 2. Gordon Bobillot, 38 3. Rick Wagner, 35 Silver Flight 2: 1. Chuck Sobiech, 35 2. Dale Miller, 35 3. Steven Jarrett, 32 Silver Flight 3: 1. William Price, 35 2. Roger Oravetz, 34 3. Tom Kelly, 32 Silver Flight 4: 1. Tim Printz, 36 2.…

QCMGA Results

ABCD Orange Ball—July 6 Paul Schupmann 1. R. Scafuri, D. Meadows, R. Sutton, R. Adamson; 205 2. J. Cooley, W. Price, M. Fox, G. Johnson; 210 3. B. Sheppard, E. Harmon, J. McNiel, K. Hagerich; 212 4. A. Mitro, M. Davidson, T. Kelly, R. Morgan; 212 5. B. Spetter, R. Ulery, J.B. King, M. Markowski;…

QCMGA Results

Four-Man Scramble, May 25 Paul Schupmann 1. Fox, Harris, Mocek, and Wibbenhorst; 57.1 2. Barnes, Hamman, Harmon, and Ruge; 57.2 3. Kureri, Morgan, and St. John; 58.6 Two-Man Best Ball, June 1 Paul Schupmann Silver Flight 1 1. Rick Wagner and Charles Sobiech, 66 2. Shel Zatkin and Ralph Scafuri, 66 3. Randy Davis and Scott…

Davey Jones Scores Hole-in-One

Paul Schupmann QCMGA member, Davey Jones, scored his first hole-in-one at Quail Creek on April 21 and the fourth hole-in-one in his lifetime. He was playing Coyote number 4 and used a 5-hybrid for a red flag, 130 yards away. He was playing with Rick Kimes, George Bertsch, and Wayne Jewett. Congratulations, Davey!

Hole-in-One: Congrats to Rick Wagner

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to QCMGA member, Rick Wagner, for scoring his first hole-in-one ever on April 24. This momentous occasion was achieved on Roadrunner number 6 using a 7-iron to a blue flag. Witnesses were Leo Padilla, Skip Byron, and JB King.

Jim Lynch is 2021 QCMGA President’s Cup Winner

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to Jim Lynch for winning the 2021 QCMGA President’s Cup event that ended on April 27. This annual three-day event was played under very trying (windy) conditions and Jim’s three-day 54-hole net score of 208 bested 72 other competitors. Way to go, Jim!

Hole-in-One: Tom England

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to QCMGA member, Tom England, for his recent hole-in-one on Friday, April 2. Tom scored his ace on Quail number two using a five hybrid from 136 yards out. His witnesses were John Dill and Terry Martin. Way to go, Tom!

Hole-In-One: George Lamping

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to QCMGA member, George Lamping, for achieving his first ever hole-in-one on Wednesday, April 7. Just as important was that George scored his hole-in-one on Coyote number eight during the recent inaugural Shootout event and used it to close out his match. Way to go, George!

Hole-in-One: Congrats to Tim Phillips

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to QCMGA member, Tim Phillips, for scoring a hole-in-one on March 20. He was playing with his wife and son when he shot his ace on Quail number four using an eight iron for a blue flag from 145 yards out. This was Tim’s second hole-in-one at Quail Creek; the first came 11 years…