Quail Creek QCMGA: 2 Man Stableford

July 14 Flight 1: 1. Randy Davis/Bill Chapman        42 T2. Vance Gross/Shel Zatkin        40 T2. Robert Anderson/Dan Ward        40 T2. Jeff Guest/Gene Knox        40 T2. Clark Wilson/Robert MacLeod        40 Flight 2: 1. Steven Jarrett/James Cooley        46 2. Dale Miller/Craig Parsons        44 T3. Phil Lamb/David Ray        42 T3. Ron Hammond/Charles Sobiech        42 Flight 3: 1. David Meadows/Doug Kosloske        42 2. Doug McNeil/Tom Kellt        41 3. Tom England/Bon…

QCMGA Is Back!

QCMGA member, Bill Chapman, registering with Clay Harris and Martin Wibbenhorst for the first event on July 7.

Shel Zatkin, President, QCMGA The Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association started competition after a three month layoff because of restrictions relating to COVID-19.

QCMGA Scores

July 7 Flight 1: T1. Bill Sheppard / Scott Brannan -4 T1. Shel Zatkin / Doug Detman -4 3. Vance Gross / Tim Toon -3 Flight 2: 1. Larry Taylor / Tracey Austell -9 T2. Ron Hammond / Gaylord Lee -5 T2. Ralph Scafuri / Craig Parsons -5 T2. Randy Mathis / Gary Skinner -5…

QCMGA Club Championship; Three Day Event

QCMGA Club Championship; Three Day Event The QCMGA Club Championship was held on March 10, 12, and 17. Gold Tees – Gross Scores: First: George Lamping, 231; Second: Larry Mours, 232; Third (tie): Bob Larose and Wally Howard, 236 Silver Tees – Gross Scores: Flight 1: First: Tim Toon, 241; Second: Vance Gross, 243; Third: Frank…

QCMGA Crowns New Club Champion and Runner-up

George Lamping (left) with Larry Mours

George Lamping won both the 2020 Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association (QCMGA) Club Championship and Senior Championship. The runner-up was Larry Mours. David Friel won the QCMGA President’s Cup on Feb. 4, shooting net 73, 71, and 68 over the three-day event. Congratulations!

QCMGA Men Embark on a New Season

Roger Oravetz The Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association is making plans for some great golf in year 2020. A new schedule includes 56 game days with various formats during the year. Included is the annual three-day invitational to be held from April 4-6. Players from other local clubs and clubs around the country will be…

Volunteer of the Year award – 2019

Tim Phillips At the annual meeting and luncheon of the QCMGA on Nov. 19, 2019, President Shel Zatkin announced the creation of a new award to be presented annually to the Outstanding Volunteer of the year. This is the first new award created by the QCMGA Board of Directors in several years. With a membership…

Women prevail at annual Prickly Pair Tournament

Jacquie Owens On a hot sunny day, 60 players from the Quail Creek 18-hole ladies and men’s golf associations met to play the annual Prickly Pair Tournament. Thirty men and 30 women paired off and headed out to their respective holes for a lively match-play competition! In the end, team scores were totaled and were…

Congrats Paul Athey

Paul Athey, a member of the QCMGA, scored a Double Eagle otherwise known as an “Albatross” on April 19, 2019, on hole No. 5 (a Par 5) at Quail Creek Country. A Double Eagle is the most unusual score a player can get. It happens less frequently than a hole-in-one. Congratulations to Paul!