Where in the World Is the Crossing?

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AGA Team Qualifiers

Anza Athletic Club Class Descriptions

Karate–Beginning        Stan Herum        Gain physical, psychological and emotional benefits, including breathing, relaxation, power, stretching, and self-defense in this progressive class. Class limit 24. Classic Movement        Lois Bossert        This workout consists of a warm-up, 20 minutes of low impact aerobics set to music, and 20 minutes of muscle toning using hand weights and/or stretch resistance bands, followed by stretch and relaxation.…

Congrats to Tim Toon

Paul Schupmann Congratulations to Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association member Tim Toon for scoring a hole-in-one (HIO) on July 20. Playing with Tim Olson, Jerry Schamp, and Rob Anderson on Quail number 8, Tim used a 6-iron to ace the hole. This was his second HIO at Quail Creek and fifth overall. Way to go, Tim!

AGA Team Qualifiers

Roger Oravetz Quail Creek golfers Gordon Bobillot and Clark Wilson have won the right to represent the QC Men’s Golf Club in the Arizona Golf Association team championship event. They will be sponsored by the local club, and will play in the first qualifier of the series on Nov. 3 at the Dove Mountain Course…