Some Green Committee reminders

Skip and Dreama Fumia

This month we’d just like to offer a few Green Committee reminders for you.

As is the practice across our Quail Creek committees, Green Committee meetings are open to all residents. The Green Committee meets the first Monday of each month (unless the schedule is disrupted by a holiday) at 1:30 p.m. in the Ocotillo Room of the Kino Conference Center. A reminder is published each month on What’s Happening by Chair Ralph Scafuri inviting residents to attend. In addition to the monthly meeting reminders, Ralph often posts course alerts or course condition news to What’s Happening.

The Green Committee webpage is available through our HOA website in a couple of places. You can access the webpage through the Golf pull-down menu, or under Association Living/Committees/Green Committee. The webpage provides Green Committee news, committee members with contact information and meeting minutes.

In November the Green Committee will host its fall Open Forum. (Watch for date/time details in What’s Happening.) The Forum will be led by Chair Ralph Scafuri with support from other Green Committee members, Head Pro Joel Jaress and Course Superintendent J.R. Kies. As in the past, the recommendation of the Green Committee’s Sales, Marketing and Pricing Subcommittee for next year’s fees, as supported by the Green Committee as a whole, will be presented. This is the proposed fee structure that will become part of the 2017 POA budget to be considered by the POA Board for approval at its November annual meeting. The Forum will include a Q&A session as well.

Please take the opportunity to review the information available to you as a Quail Creek resident, whether or not you are a golfer. Perhaps this could answer a question that you have or just help you remain a well-informed Quail Creek citizen!