Your Quail Creek Library Volunteers

Quail Creek Library volunteers

Alphie Smith

How does your Quail Creek Library function? Through the diligent efforts of more than 36 volunteers!

Resident volunteers are a dedicated and willing group who keep the QC Library operating smoothly for use by all QC residents. The QC Library would not exist without them.

We call ourselves a “borrowing” library. We do not have a checkout system, and we do not have a card catalog. Volunteers shelve all the fiction books and large print books by the author’s last name.

Items on the shelves are continuously revolving on and off. There is a Library Manual on one of the book carts explaining the procedures and guidelines. Each volunteer follows them, and it works—keeping the QC Library orderly. The Library Management Team periodically revises the guidelines so that shelves are not too empty and not too full, culling older books from shelves or keeping them on the shelves longer.

The library volunteers have a designated time that they shelve during the year. Many are only here during the winter months. One does not have to be a full-time resident to volunteer. Volunteers also have opportunities to fill in and assist in other capacities. Thanks to all our volunteers, past and present, who have maintained the QC Library.

In closing, special recognition is given to one of our very special longtime volunteers, Fay Shapiro, who moved from Quail Creek in August. Besides shelving, Fay handled all the DVDs and audiobooks on the carousels. She loved being a volunteer. She was always the first to volunteer when extra hands were needed. The Library Management Team honors her in appreciation of all her years of service and for her enthusiasm.

When residents are in the library and express appreciation to our volunteers for the existence of the QC Library and how well it is kept, it was due in part to Fay’s contributions. We will miss her. Thank you, Fay.

If you are interested in learning more about being a volunteer, please contact Alphie Smith at 520-347-6022 or Carolyn Good at 913-707-7471.